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I got a notification via my email today that my account is going to expire, which made me think 'wow! has it been that long?!'

Been going through the usual things (new anime, manga, etc...). I finally saw Bleach this year. I'm a patient person, I like to wait until something is complete rather than wait for a new episode to come out each week. Also, saw New POT in June. I can't get over how I can never get bored of Sanada ^^ Love every thing about him. Watching the new POT made me relaunch ED again in June. We were so busy with real life that we never got to actually do any updates. Even today so to speak my team members are busy, but we try to have updates.

Other than that, I've been reading more manga (basically everything I can) than watching anime. Haven't had a proper video game in a while, and am so looking forward to the new Devil May Cry. I admit it's different. They look different, but hell - always been a Dante fan ^^

I was fanning over Skip Beat! for a very long time, but frankly I hate the direction of it now. It totally lost its comical touch, and the chapters tend to prolong over nonsense. Is it just me who thinks this way? Or seriously something is definitely wrong?

All in all is good - busier than usual with work and life, but thankful ^^

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I was really into Skip Beat when I started reading it... but then it started to drag and I just gave up on it. (I figured it wasn't a good thing when I began siding with Sho instead of Ren. That didn't bode well. hahah)

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