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For my own piece of mind - is anyone us LJ anymore? I would like to reconnect with some of you. We had good times ^^

and happy birthday to some of you - hope you had a good birthday.

Wow! Such a long time again ^^

Hope everyone's doing well...

I got a notification via my email today that my account is going to expire, which made me think 'wow! has it been that long?!'

Been going through the usual things (new anime, manga, etc...). I finally saw Bleach this year. I'm a patient person, I like to wait until something is complete rather than wait for a new episode to come out each week. Also, saw New POT in June. I can't get over how I can never get bored of Sanada ^^ Love every thing about him. Watching the new POT made me relaunch ED again in June. We were so busy with real life that we never got to actually do any updates. Even today so to speak my team members are busy, but we try to have updates.

Other than that, I've been reading more manga (basically everything I can) than watching anime. Haven't had a proper video game in a while, and am so looking forward to the new Devil May Cry. I admit it's different. They look different, but hell - always been a Dante fan ^^

I was fanning over Skip Beat! for a very long time, but frankly I hate the direction of it now. It totally lost its comical touch, and the chapters tend to prolong over nonsense. Is it just me who thinks this way? Or seriously something is definitely wrong?

All in all is good - busier than usual with work and life, but thankful ^^

Manga Search

I posted this sometime in Feb, but didn't recieve a response. I'm reposting because I've been SEARCHING EVERYWHERE and still can't remember the name - can someome please help? XD

I'm searching for a manga I read a very long time ago. I can't really remember anything except for the below.

Girl lives with her 2 brothers who are overprotective of her. Apparently somehow they start have feelings for her but thinking its taboo. However, I do remember that the girl might've been adopted or one of her brother, something like that.

Sorry dont have details.

Any clues? Notes? One of the brothers was really cute.

Second note: I'm also looking for the scanlations from volume 6 onwards of 'Life' by Suenobo Keiko - appreciate it if anyone can point me to where I can read it or buy the rest of the volumes. Thanks.

New Devil May Cry
Interesting. Jules just pointed that there's a new Devil May Cry Trailer. I'm not sure if I like it, I need sometime to adjust. hero is definitely not Dante - there are no similarities between them at all. The fighting style, attitude and voice is the same - unless he turns later... Its weird. In conclusion, I'm not too thrilled about the dark haired dude, I prefer my sexy silver haired devil XD

Check it out if you're interested - http://kotaku.com/5638588/new-devil-may-crys-debut-trailer

Endless Dreamers on FB and Twitter

Dear All,

In order to facilitate our communication with you, I’ve created a fan page on Facebook and a Twitter account pertaining to
Endless Dreamers.
Please ‘like us’ or follow us choosing any methods of communication more convenient to you. Click here for our Facebook page, and follow us through endless_dreamers for Twitter.

Endless Dreamers is a dream novel site for anime, manga, and videogame.



The heat is getting ridiculous here. Its almost 40 degrees and we haven't even hit July yet. I am so NOT looking forward to the 50 degrees weather that is on its way to us in the coming months.

its too hot to type, so I leave you with this - I know its old, but always good to catch up on the good ol' days.

Long time & FFXIII (Spoilers)

To all my f-list. Its been far too long. Real life has really caught up with me. I was actually off work for a week last week and still, it felt like I had so much to do. I had only 7 days to visit our family, clean my apartment, sort out all my old stuff, and play my FFXIII.

I have written some stuff a bit, so hopefully I can have something out soon on ED.

Going back to FFXIII. I don't know what to say. I think I overestimated the game. The graphics are simply amazing, but the whole concept has been sugarcoated far too much for it to be fun. The battle system bores me. I didn't find any fun in it like I used to in the previous games. You cannot choose your leaders in a battle. The others do what they have to do, you're just controlling the same character, but can vary in form. If that character dies, its over. There is more dialogue than gaming, boring. I'm still half way through it, but Iits not exciting as it used to be.

Has the gaming system changed so much that its more focused on the graphics and movie rather than the game itself? I really wonder sometimes...

I miss games like Devil May Cry, Tomb Raider, Star Ocean and the old FF's. They were fun to beat and complete. Hopefully the new stuff won't be a major disappointment.




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