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Friends Only. If you know me, leave a comment and I'll add you. If I don't know you, then please don't expect me to immediately add you back - let's talk first and then we'll take it from there. My journal focuses on real life and my fandoms. Not much excitement here.

Friends Only Banner credited to misako_chan

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the blonde look like yuki from gravitation... but i doubt so... looks like some bl manga...

Naw, those are some hotties from Makoto Tateno. Her style is pretty obvious. Not sure what the series is, though? Maybe it's an original artwork, website pic, or doujin or somethin'...?

weee!!! domo nyah~ bounces around ^^

can i add you as a friend? I'd really like to join you guys in endless dreamers...pls

You can add me if you want, but I don’t really talk about Endless Dreamers in here. This is my personal journal and mostly talks about real life with my friends.

You can try joining Endless Dreamers when we announce recruitment XD

If you want more ED related, join our community at endless_dreamers on LJ.


Can I add you as my friend? *loves to have more friends~*

Oh yea, here's a cookie *gives chocolate chip cookie*

Then I shall try the puppy eye trick~Can I be your friend on lj~?

Ha ha~

Puppy eyes trick works! I don't eat sweets XD

I know you quite well from ED and Dopamine~ So add away


hey--- i love you dream novels

how can i submit my story?(endless-dreamers.net)

Re: hey--- i love you dream novels

You can submit for rectuitment and try out when we announce an opening on the website.

If you have any more inquiries, please leave a comment on the website or go to 'contact us' at http://endless-dreamers.net

*points to self* Amiya of Chibi-Dreams ^^

Add me? *puppy eyes*


: 3

hehe shucks im scary

but you dont know me very well... I go by many names

and I go by Mela on Endless dreamers.

ya if you still dont remember you can find a comment of mine o your latest DN....


Im just leavin a comment like it says so <3.

so yeah


Hi Mela~

Thank you for wanting to add me, but I'm private about who I friend.

Let's talk a bit first and then we'll take it from there.

Forgot to say - add me :)

Hi, I wanna know if you could add me as your journal friend perhaps? Not really sure what to write here, I'm kind of new in Livejournal, still have difficulty adjusting.

Hi Caramia --> Same reply as Mela, Thank you for wanting to add me, but I'm private about who I friend.

Let's talk a bit first and then we'll take it from there.

You can add me on my messengers =p

Hi, Develicious! I'm Herylcathie who posted a comment for Heart of tensai... just want to add you to my friendslist...

Thanks Herylcathie -

Please add me on my messenger like the others first and let's talk.

I'm private about who I add.

Err, hi! You might know me as silver_neko_kitsune on sites like Lunaescence and FOS-FF, but I always go by Mao on your DN sites. Anyway, I'd love to get to know you~ so I'm wondering if it's okay if I add you on messenger or something?

*hopes she doesn't seem stalker-ish xD*

Let's talk on msn first or yahoo and then take it from there. I'm fay869 on both accounts.

I know you as Mao 8)

Hope you dont mind. I thought I would take you up on your offer. I dont post on LJ too too often but every once and a blue moon.

Of course I don't mind =p

Please add me on MSN or Yahoo, I'm fay869 on both and let's talk. I hope that I'll be able to help you out because from what I've read about yours, it's very similar to mine.

hi, devel_icious!

i'm czarina, and i love your website, endless dreamers! ^^
lots of dream novels. ^^

thank you for creating such a wonderful site! ^^

Hi czarina,

Thank you for your kind words. It's you guys that keeps encouraging us to make ED what it is today~

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