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Long time & FFXIII (Spoilers)

To all my f-list. Its been far too long. Real life has really caught up with me. I was actually off work for a week last week and still, it felt like I had so much to do. I had only 7 days to visit our family, clean my apartment, sort out all my old stuff, and play my FFXIII.

I have written some stuff a bit, so hopefully I can have something out soon on ED.

Going back to FFXIII. I don't know what to say. I think I overestimated the game. The graphics are simply amazing, but the whole concept has been sugarcoated far too much for it to be fun. The battle system bores me. I didn't find any fun in it like I used to in the previous games. You cannot choose your leaders in a battle. The others do what they have to do, you're just controlling the same character, but can vary in form. If that character dies, its over. There is more dialogue than gaming, boring. I'm still half way through it, but Iits not exciting as it used to be.

Has the gaming system changed so much that its more focused on the graphics and movie rather than the game itself? I really wonder sometimes...

I miss games like Devil May Cry, Tomb Raider, Star Ocean and the old FF's. They were fun to beat and complete. Hopefully the new stuff won't be a major disappointment.

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You're right. The fun of the game was levelling up and if you couldn't beat a boss, you go back and level up. They made it too easy.

I don't feel that 'joy' anymore when I actually beat a boss with my own efforts.

Don't even get me started on the eidolons, aka 'summons' in this game.

OMG!!! They are soooo useless! I tried using 1 in a hard fight and it pretty much did nothing. Very lame.

And levelling up in itself is a pain too cause none of the monsters have THAT much CP consistently. It was very frustrating. I remember repeating a mission over and over for an hour trying to get some money, and I wasnt even looking at the screen anymore, just running back and forth, clicking some buttons. Stupid game

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