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The heat is getting ridiculous here. Its almost 40 degrees and we haven't even hit July yet. I am so NOT looking forward to the 50 degrees weather that is on its way to us in the coming months.

its too hot to type, so I leave you with this - I know its old, but always good to catch up on the good ol' days.

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It's on the cooler side these days, compared to may where we were having 30+C with humidity. Today we had our work sports day (played volleyball ^_^) and it's been cloudy all day with occasional drizzle. Current temperature is 15C.

Luck you...

How's married life? Husband doing okay?

Married life is good but honestly not any different then before, but we'd also been living together for 4 years before getting married ^_^ The hubby is good, almost finished with his animation degree and will be looking for a new job soon.

Hows about you?

Im good. Nothing to complain about.

Hey! Long time long read, huh? :D

It's hot here too, but sometimes the sun goes away, the rain comems out and it's colder. I assume the coming months will be warmer.

How are you doing? I hope you're keeping well, I'm sorry I don't have time to chat much these days (Just 3 more months of hell for me!)

Ill pray the hell time is over.

Once you're done, give me some time XD We need to catch up. I have lots to tell you.

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