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Manga Search

I posted this sometime in Feb, but didn't recieve a response. I'm reposting because I've been SEARCHING EVERYWHERE and still can't remember the name - can someome please help? XD

I'm searching for a manga I read a very long time ago. I can't really remember anything except for the below.

Girl lives with her 2 brothers who are overprotective of her. Apparently somehow they start have feelings for her but thinking its taboo. However, I do remember that the girl might've been adopted or one of her brother, something like that.

Sorry dont have details.

Any clues? Notes? One of the brothers was really cute.

Second note: I'm also looking for the scanlations from volume 6 onwards of 'Life' by Suenobo Keiko - appreciate it if anyone can point me to where I can read it or buy the rest of the volumes. Thanks.

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Hey. I don't see any other way to message you, but I see that you posted in the MS community, and was hoping to gain some support for my probable diagnosis. I started LJ to help myself. I'm going to add you as a friend if you don't mind.

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