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For my own piece of mind - is anyone us LJ anymore? I would like to reconnect with some of you. We had good times ^^

and happy birthday to some of you - hope you had a good birthday.

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Yes and no...
If you post, I will probably see it (eventually), because I will log in and just see if anyone has posted (my F-list is small so it's easy to tell, ha ha!), but I admit that I don't come around often right now. Some of this is because I've had kind of a lot of personal stuff going on lately wherein I haven't wanted to post my own updates or participate... but also just flat out haven't had time. I am very very busy at work with no time to be online in a recreational way, and at home I am busy sometimes with other things so, when i get online at home it is usually for only the most important things or direct email replies, etc. This has been a very busy spring-summer for me,not all bad but not all good!

I do think of you though and hope you are well. :)

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